What is Panda Cash?

In China, a panda symbolises peace, friendship, harmony and good luck. PandaCash is a new generation of reflective token on Binance Smart Chain oriented with a no-loss lottery mechanism and long term goals.

Why PandaCash?

There have been a lot of RFI projects lately and none of them have an actual utility that will make a project useful longterm. Pandacash will allow us to help the world in our own way and still create an exciting currency. Pandacash will not only apply a 10% redistribution fee, but will also have 2% of every transaction sent to a lottery wallet which will be used to get Tesla Model X, a lottery will be drawn when the lottery wallet reaches a cap of $100,000 and existing holders will not need to apply for the lottery, all you just need to do is hold any amount above $20 worth of $Panda. For transparency and accountability PANDACASH lottery will be drawn live using chainlink VRF and Lottery wallet will be publicly viewable on the blockchain so that holders are not only aware of the funds raised, but how the funds are being used.


in the works


Phase 1 (Starters)

1000 holders

Website launch

Coin listing coingecko

Telegram Community 2000 members

Community Marketing Fund vote

Marketing Campaign

2nd Coin Listing Coin Marketcap

5000 Holders

Phase 2 (Development)

Telegram community 5000

Website redesign

10,000 Holders Expansion

Telegram community 10,000 members

Website Redesign

Telegram Community 5000 members

Phase 3 ( Expansion)

Panda games Decentralisation

Crypto exchange listing

Telegram community 15,000 members

30,000 Holders



How PandaCash works

There is a 10% tax on each transactions 5% of it goes to the holders and 2% goes to a Lottery wallet to while the rest 3% is automatically locked in the liquidity pool.

Deflationary all the time

We burned 10% of the total supply after launch and sent it to a dead address. The liquidity pool of PandaCash is growing constantly with 3% of tokens from each transactions done with pandacash ($Panda) is added to the Liquidity pool, by transforming them into Pandacash Lp tokens, with ownership of the tokens renounced by sending them to the burn address

Safety ensured

Liquidity pool tokens have been burned thereby locking the initial liquidity away forever. Fair distribution without whales and bot-proof. Active and engaged team and community, ready to answer any questions you may have.

Auto-burning liquidity

3% of each transactions is added to the liquidity pool and burnt forever.


Total Supply- 100 Trillion Panda

Dev Tokens

(burnt at every milestone)-19 Trillion Panda


(10% unlocked gradually daily)- 1 Trillion Panda

Initial Liquidity- 50 Trillion Panda

Burn at launch- 10 Trillion

Daily Giveaway-4.4 Trillion